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Tekoso Media Launches Web Hosting Services

New York tech startup Tekoso Media has officially launched their web hosting branch complete with a wide range of related services including domain registration and drag-and-drop website builders

When it comes to affordable web hosting providers, the market has gotten saturated with packages that force customers to purchase for an entire year, sometimes two or more, in order to get the best price. Tekoso Media, on the other hand, has opened their subscriptions to monthly or three-month subscriptions and lowered web hosting prices to as little as $1.20 per month, which makes signing up for three months an easy decision to make.

Most web hosting companies offer multiple packages, but not all offer the range that Tekoso Media offers. For example, if you are a developer looking for a production server but don’t want to swing for the pricier dedicated servers, you could opt for a KVM package that provides the same isolated environment as a dedicated server, as well as coming with numerous software packages pre-installed.

You also have the option of getting Windows hosting or Linux hosting, or if you are brand new to hosting your own website, you can buy a website package which allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful websites with drag-and-drop builders and templates. Creating websites just got better, thanks to Tekoso Media web hosting services!

The company also offers storage packages, SSL security certificates, and domain name registration at prices that beat out most competitors. To see their full range of products and services, visit http://shop.tekoso.com

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